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Strategic Combat and RPG-style Army Building

Templar Battleforce is a turn-based game that blends fast-pasted tactical combat scenarios with strategic army building elements. On the field of battle, you must lead your squad of Templars — huge battle mechs piloted by normal humans — to victory against hordes of aliens, pirates, and the ancient Narvidian threat. But your path to victory will rely on you having the right mix of tactical elements at your disposal, so you’ll need to design and master your battleforce’s larger strategy. Between deployments, you’ll recruit and train specialists with RPG-level precision, and unlock new abilities and Templar classes from a sprawling Requisition tree. With so many possible ways to build your army and defeat each scenario, every battleforce will be different.

Templar Battleforce is designed for both novices and expert players and provides exciting challenges both in the heat of battle and in the calculated decisions made at the battleforce HQ between deployments.

During combat deployments, your Templars must act as an elite strike team. Every turn on the field of battle increases your risk of failure or loss of the scenario. Speed and precision play will be paramount, as your Templar mechs build up heat, your enemies use their mobility and speed to surround you, and you run low on critical Buffs and Ordnance.

The Facts

  • Available On: Steam
  • Release Date: September 22, 2015
  • Price: $9.99
  • Credits: Cory Trese (game design, development), Andrew Trese (game design, development, art), Martin Trese (game design, art)


Templar Battleforce is the fourth game released by the Trese Brothers in the epic universe of Star Traders RPG. Once again, you’re invited to step into the pilot seat of a Leviathan battle mech and fight across the beautiful and war-torn galaxy in an branching campaign. Templar Battleforce tells the story of the end of the great Exodus for one splinter group of the last free humans – the Factions – and their protectors, the Templar Knights. While searching for a new home, they are attacked by alien forces and left no option but to settle on nearby, but inhospitable, worlds. Now, cut off from the support from the great Fleet, and isolated in enemy territory, it is up to a small detachment of Templar Knights to risk everything to save the fledgling colonies.

The Templar Knights are normal humans who descend from the mystical Zendu bloodline. This heritage allows them to pass on all of the memories of their lives into the psyche of their children.  Even more – they can pass down the memories of all of their ancestors as well.  Each Templar Knight lives with the waking memories and the sum total of thousands of hours of muscle memory from every ancestor who survived long enough to give this unique gift to his or her children.  This is the Templar Lineage, and it is what gives Templars their immense advantage in combat, tactics, engineering, and the ability to drive the hulking Leviathan battle mechs. In Templar Battleforce, you play a Templar Captain who hails from a storied Lineage reaching back 87 Templars; and he or she is always paging back through the memories to help cope with the dire situations at hand.

Key Features

  • Fast-paced combat in a turn-based strategy game
  • 30+ challenging scenarios and hours of unforgiving combat will be the crucible to forge your elite veterans
  • Rich tactical warfare with defensive shooting, flamethrowers, sentry turrets, counter-attack and more
  • 8 types of specialist Knights to recruit, train, and specialize
  • Unlock 150 levels of requisition to customize your army – new weapons, armor, gear, and talents
  • Combine strategic army build with tactical combat in battle deployments


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